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Craft the beer of your dreams using the dashboards below, choose the taste, the color, the perfume, the alcohol content and the preferred format your personal beer should have! Fill the glass below by choosing an item for every beer characteristic and submit your beer!


Hops and natural flavors, such as fruits and spices, make a beer tasting different. How your personal beer should taste?

More aromatic

More bitter


Different ingredients and production steps give craft beers different colors. What color your personal beer should have?

More light

More amber


Different quantities of hops and natural flavors can make beers more fruity or malted. How should be the perfume of your personal beer?

More fruity

More malted



Fermentation phases and sugars in wort and beer produce different alcohol content. How strong your personal beer should be?

More alcoholic

More light


If you wish a different kind of format, how big the bottle of your personal beer should be?

More big

More small

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