Yourbeer is a malt beer with flowering hops, passing through three fermenting steps following a traditional Saison method, reaching an alcoholic concentration of 5% and with special addition of natural flavors, such as bitter orange and coriander, giving a unique taste and a peculiar fragrance.

Tempco Yourbeer project belongs to the traditional domestic brewing, using Tempco’s know-how and expertise in temperature regulation along with the employ of natural ingredients and traditional processes to obtain a naturally sparkling and fruity taste, recovering the wisdom of the best home-brewing tradition.

Brewing Yourbeer
YourBeer is prepared using three kind of malted grains, Karamell Malt, Pilsner Malt and Weizen Dunkel Malt, following the traditional all-grain method.

The first brewing step requires a thermal cycle for the mashing of starch source, mixing the three malted grains and water heated at 78° C, going through 5 different steps each having time and temperature wisely controlled. A sparging stage follows, using temperature controlled water in order to drain the most sugary liquid possible before removing the exhaust grains at the end of the mashing process. The final result is a sugar rich liquid called wort.

The Yourbeer wort is then heated up to boiling temperature, reaching 98°C, passing through different steps requiring an overall time of a couple of hours. Once the boiling starts, a first pouring of hops is then added to the wort, american Cascade type hops, giving in this first step the typical bitterness to the beer. A last hops pouring is then added in the final 20 minutes of the boiling process, along with natural flavors, bitter orange peel and seeds of coriander, giving Yourbeer its unique taste and fragrance.

Fermenting and temperature management
Before transferring the wort to the fermenting vessel, Lallemand Belle Saison yeast is added, suitably rehydrated: Youbeer goes through the two first fermenting phases with Saison method, at a controlled temperature between 18 and 22°C.

During this step of Yourbeer brewing, wort arriving from high boiling temperatures at 98°C has to be cooled for the following fermenting phase, having yet a proper temperature between 18 and 22°C. In order to achieve the suitable temperature gap of approximately 78°, beer wort is then slowly leaked passing through a plate heat exchanger, a special thermal equipment employed for liquid’s cooling. Thanks to Tempco experience in heating and cooling management, Yourbeer brewing employs specially designed plate heat exchangers, allowing beer wort to enter the heat exchanger from the bottom to the top, completely flooding the heat exchanger and entering all the plates.

Once the right temperature is reached, a OG test takes place, and then the wort is collected in a special vessel where it begins a turbulent fermentation process during the first 24 hours, followed by a first natural fermentation step at a temperature of 20/22°C for a period of 7/10 days. At this point, wort has already gained its typical perfume, and is then poured into a second fermenting vessel, removing the dropped exhaust yeasts at the bottom. At the end of the second fermenting cycle, taking 7/10 days, a FG test is executed, in order to verify if Yourbeer is finally ready for bottling, and to check out the right alcohol concentration.

Bottle re-fermentation
Yourbeer is then bottled, with a pre-stated quantity of sugar cane addition, batch solved in the wort, beer by now. Bottles are then placed resting in a dark environment at a controlled temperature, during a 3 weeks period approximately, going through a bottle re-fermentation phase.

Finally, once bottles are stored in refrigerators, Yourbeer is ready to be enjoyed!