Yourbeer 2.0 YPA

WROTE BY Valter Biolchi ON 19 February 2014 ON NEWS

Last saturday first production of Yourbeer 2.0 for next summer season.

With Alfredo , our brewmaster , we decided to prepare a craft beer style IPA (Indian Pale Ale ), obviously changed in style Yourbeer .


We want to prepare for the hot season one or two recipes for cold and very ” drinkable ” beer, but at the same time rich in flavors and fragrances that can give strong emotions .
We then started with this recipe that involves the use of a mixture of 5 malts and the addition of hops SAAZ in boiling phase .
During the phase of the second fermentation in the ripener, we are going to add additional aromas in “dry-hopping”.
The result will be a blond, slightly alcoholic ( estimate 4.5-4.8 %) beer, which can be enjoyed fresh and bubbly during the warm spring and summer days that are approaching , and reveling in the bottom of the hoppy flavors and unmistakable aroma .



The long day’s production has slipped away nicely , enjoying some Yourbeer 1.0. The boiling has made us a foretaste of the final aroma of next Yourbeer Pale Ale YPA .

We thank all the friends who have followed us on Instagram , where we have documented step by step throughout the production process .

And what do you think , do you like the IPA ?