How to recycle Yourbeer bottle

WROTE BY Marco Zambelli ON 5 February 2014 ON NEWS

The very first release of a product always has a special flavor, a peculiar taste in the case of Yourbeer…

In 2014, we’re already at the second boiling of the year, and preparing new recipes for the next version 2.0… But on my office’s desk, I still have a couple of Yourbeer bottles that I can’t resolve to open… and I think by now I will keep both as a sweet and precious souvenir, the first one of a long series of fragrant satisfactions…

In the meantime, some customer thought about new and funny ways to recycle the empty bottle of Yourbeer… That’s how Yourbeer bottle is finding new and unexpected employs, once enjoyed the beer. And an empty Yourbeer bottle can become a nice flower-pot…

Ideas on how to recycle the Yourbeer bottles

Ideas on how to recycle the Yourbeer bottles

Or again, a couple of bottles were used by someone as goal posts for a funny match of table football among friends, using the cap as a soccer ball!

Yourbeer Subbuteo

For example, it’s also possible to re-use three bottles to hold candles, transforming Yourbeer in an unusual candleholder… or can we just call it a CandelaBEER?? 🙂 Or even you can use it for incense sticks, spreading your favorite home perfumes from the bottle that used to hold the fragrance of Yourbeer…

Do you have any other idea on how to recycle the Yourbeer bottle? A shame to trash it… 🙂
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