Craft beer for Canada at Sochi 2014!

WROTE BY Marco Zambelli ON 14 February 2014 ON NEWS

Molson Canadian Lager Beer

Proudly brewed to celebrate our Canadian Olympic athletes…
It’s what you can read on the label of a bottle of Molson Canadian, the beer that is so much talked about during these days relating to Sochi 2014 Winter Games in Russia.

So much ado about.. a beer, due to a brilliant idea: putting a refrigerator in the Olympic resort for free beer distribution, available for all the canadians athletes. It’s indeed only necessary to scan a canadian passport to have for free a delightful and perfumed beer ready to enjoy.

Yourbeer Molson Canadian


And it seems it works very well, as Canada is on top of the Olympic medals chart during Sochi 2014, showing that those who win drink beer… as we also agree in Yourbeer!

So, enjoy craft beer, the best way to celebrate a victory, enjoying a good, tasty and genuine craft beer!
Great idea, Molson Canadian!

And, of course, Go Italian Team at Sochi 2014!!

Yourbeer Molson Canadian craft beer